Expert Reviews: BioLogic Revelation is "A MUST READ!"

Adrienne Denese, M.D.

“Superbly researched, very convincing. . . BioLogic Revelation is a New Dawn in the way we need to work out. Forget your daily, hour long, sweaty, modestly effective exercise routine. You need quality, over quantity. There is a better, quicker, more effective way for better results based on solid scientific research. Personally, I modified my routine based on these well-researched facts and I am loving the results. A MUST READ!

Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D.
New York Times Bestselling Author,

"burn fat, build lean muscle, look younger"

Dr. Josh Axe

“If you want to burn fat, build lean muscle, look younger and maintain youthful joints then I highly recommend Wayne’s new book BioLogic Revelation. In this book Wayne unlocks the secrets to not only getting in the best shape of your life but also how to use fitness to help you slow the aging process. If you’re ready to transform your health and fitness level with less effort then I highly recommend reading this book and implementing the cutting edge and science-backed workout routine Wayne has created.”

Dr. Josh Axe
Natural Health & Fitness Expert,

"BioLogic Revelation is going to revolutionize the fitness industry"

Suzanne Bowen

“BioLogic Revelation is going to revolutionize the fitness industry with its heavily researched, time-proven body of work. Freedom from the bondage of punishing fitness trends is finally here! As a proponent of non-punishing fitness, I am relieved Wayne Caparas has written BioLogic Revelation. Now I have the resource to prove that more is not better, harder is not the answer, and proper form is always key to the results one needs and wants. Thanks to this groundbreaking book, undeniable proof is finally in black and white for all to see. Talk about a revelation!”

Suzanne Bowen, Creator of BarreAmped
Internationally Renowned Fitness Expert,

"following the program will change your life!"

William Maguire, Jr., M.D.

“Cutting-edge yet easy to read and understand, Biologic Revelation is a truly original work, rich with innovative exercise techniques, exhaustive research, nutrition advice, and motivational strategies—all delivered with the positive mental attitude that Wayne Caparas has always personified. It is a must-read for anyone serious about health, fitness, top performance, and longevity. Reading this book and following the program will change your life!” 

Dr. William Maguire, Jr., M.D.
Two-Time Post and Courier Golden Pen Winner

"the results have been phenomenal"

Dr. Ben Sweeney

If you’re looking for the most effective and efficient workout program known to man, entirely based on the latest scientific research, then you have found it. The ten-minute, no-sweat, anti-aging workout taught in BioLogic Revelation is a game-changer. I’ve been using variations of BioLogic Workouts for nearly a decade and the results have been phenomenal. So much so, that I started teaching the protocols of the BioLogic Method to my patients six years ago and all who stay the course enjoy the full cascade of benefits detailed in BioLogic Revelation. As a researcher and teacher of natural health strategies, I can attest that the science Wayne Caparas teaches in this book is rock solid, and his Motivational Paradigm and words of encouragement are inspiring. Never again will I return to or promote hour-long sweat-drenching workouts that destroy precious muscle tissue and sabotage proper hormone production. A ten-minute stimulus is truly all it takes to accomplish all the highest goals of fitness. It may sound too good to be true to most exercise enthusiasts (and couch potatoes for that matter), but you can absolutely achieve superior increases in lean muscle mass (which is the single most effective predictor of longevity) and thereby burn more fat using the ten-minute BioLogic Method as compared to any of the traditional fitness programs you may have tried in the past. It’s a remarkable revelation, and the news of this scientific breakthrough is long overdue.”

Dr. Ben M. Sweeney
Author, Natural Health & Healing Expert

"you will not escape the challenge to change"

Dr. Kevin R. Baird

“Wayne is offering something new and fresh. What he is advocating is significantly different and— from my perspective—cutting-edge. He will challenge established fitness philosophy and back it up with solid scientific research. As I read his propositions it occurred to me that this area of fitness and exercise is not exempt from critical analysis or new breakthroughs. BioLogic Revelation has the potential to change the fitness landscape. . . I can almost guarantee that as you read and reflect on what is shared in BioLogic Revelation, you will not escape the challenge to change. My hope is that you embrace that personal reformation. “

Dr. Kevin R. Baird, D. Min.
Founder/Executive Director,

"BioLogic Revelation is a great work in every way"

Scott Hasenbalg

“BioLogic Revelation is a great work in every way. Within these pages you will find pathways long affirmed by the well-informed minority of the fitness industry. You’ll also find brand new concepts that will inevitably disrupt the false and harmful thinking that exists in much of contemporary culture. It’s another core ethic in all Wayne does. Wayne’s writing style makes this information-rich text exceptionally colorful and enjoyable to read, so you should have no problem making sense of all the science and putting it into action.”

Scott Hasenbalg, Family Advocate
President of Redemptive Ventures, LLC ,

"many lives will be saved, and
the joy for life will be multiplicatively enhanced"

Dr. Michael A. Kollar

“I know those in the fitness field will have difficulty upsetting their historic “apple carts.” But if they can be open to new discoveries and the secrets revealed in BioLogic Revelation, many lives will be saved, and the joy for life will be multiplicatively enhanced. In closing, I deeply respect the person Wayne Caparas has become.  I admire the dedication, servitude, and perseverance he has demonstrated by writing this landmark book.”

Dr. Michael A. Kollar, Ed.D.
Psychologist, Fitness Professional | Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology Award, from the South Carolina Psychological Association

"just ten to twenty minutes, three days per week. So doable!"

Amber Caparas Keeler

As the daughter of a fitness guru, exercising and staying fit has always been a way of life. There was no place I’d rather be most days than with my Dad at the gym, on the track, or in a karate dojo. However, as I grew up, got married, and started having children of my own, I could no longer devote so much of my time to these activities. Thankfully, since the days he first began training me when I was a pre-teen, the no-sweat workout has always been at the heart of my health & wellness activities. So when I got pregnant and began losing all of my energy, even in my most lethargic state, I knew I could still adapt the entire BioLogic routine to take up just ten to twenty minutes, three days per week. So doable! Staying faithful to the BioLogic Method not only balanced my hormones during my pregnancy but also boosted my self-confidence by helping me keep a healthy weight despite my increased calorie intake. Even more, it gave me the core strength I needed to deliver my daughter naturally, the way I always dreamed. Then, after my baby girl was born, when a few minutes was all I could squeeze into my crazy new schedule, BioLogic workouts not only helped me lose my pregnancy weight within six months, but—more importantly—they helped me combat the symptoms of my post-partum depression. My daughter is now a one-year-old, and as my husband and I already have baby number two on the way, it means the world to know that I have a realistic, mom-friendly, highly effective fitness routine that I can count on to keep me balanced, confident, and strong through whatever comes next for my family. I am so excited that more moms and other young adults like me are going to reap the benefits of my father’s professional life’s work… the BioLogic Revelation! 

Amber Caparas Keeler
Lifestyle Writer, Media Producer, 2nd Degree Black Belt,