Dr. Ben Sweeney

If you’re looking for the most effective and efficient workout program known to man, entirely based on the latest scientific research, then you have found it. The ten-minute, no-sweat, anti-aging workout taught in BioLogic Revelation is a game-changer. I’ve been using variations of BioLogic Workouts for nearly a decade and the results have been phenomenal. So much so, that I started teaching the protocols of the BioLogic Method to my patients six years ago and all who stay the course enjoy the full cascade of benefits detailed in BioLogic Revelation. As a researcher and teacher of natural health strategies, I can attest that the science Wayne Caparas teaches in this book is rock solid, and his Motivational Paradigm and words of encouragement are inspiring. Never again will I return to or promote hour-long sweat-drenching workouts that destroy precious muscle tissue and sabotage proper hormone production. A ten-minute stimulus is truly all it takes to accomplish all the highest goals of fitness. It may sound too good to be true to most exercise enthusiasts (and couch potatoes for that matter), but you can absolutely achieve superior increases in lean muscle mass (which is the single most effective predictor of longevity) and thereby burn more fat using the ten-minute BioLogic Method as compared to any of the traditional fitness programs you may have tried in the past. It’s a remarkable revelation, and the news of this scientific breakthrough is long overdue.”

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