Amber Caparas Keeler

As the daughter of a fitness guru, exercising and staying fit has always been a way of life. There was no place I’d rather be most days than with my Dad at the gym, on the track, or in a karate dojo. However, as I grew up, got married, and started having children of my own, I could no longer devote so much of my time to these activities. Thankfully, since the days he first began training me when I was a pre-teen, the no-sweat workout has always been at the heart of my health & wellness activities. So when I got pregnant and began losing all of my energy, even in my most lethargic state, I knew I could still adapt the entire BioLogic routine to take up just ten to twenty minutes, three days per week. So doable! Staying faithful to the BioLogic Method not only balanced my hormones during my pregnancy but also boosted my self-confidence by helping me keep a healthy weight despite my increased calorie intake. Even more, it gave me the core strength I needed to deliver my daughter naturally, the way I always dreamed. Then, after my baby girl was born, when a few minutes was all I could squeeze into my crazy new schedule, BioLogic workouts not only helped me lose my pregnancy weight within six months, but—more importantly—they helped me combat the symptoms of my post-partum depression. My daughter is now a one-year-old, and as my husband and I already have baby number two on the way, it means the world to know that I have a realistic, mom-friendly, highly effective fitness routine that I can count on to keep me balanced, confident, and strong through whatever comes next for my family. I am so excited that more moms and other young adults like me are going to reap the benefits of my father’s professional life’s work… the BioLogic Revelation! 

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